Food Trend 2020

This year has been filled with new Oreo flavors and hard seltzers, more food delivery apps, plenty of vegetarian meat alternatives, and more. Some trends of 2019 were predicted by food experts, while others were not (who could have known Popeye’s chicken sandwich would be so in demand?). As the new year gets closer and closer, we’re looking ahead and gathering 50 food trend predictions for 2020 from market analysts, Whole Foods reports, and other trend reports so you know what’ll be big in the new year. After reading this, you’ll feel like a food insider to what’s hot in 2020!

Sustainable farming

When Whole Foods released their top 10 food trend predictions for 2020, sustainable farming and regenerative agriculture was their number-one item. This refers to everyone involved in food sourcing—from farmers, the government, retailers, to restaurants—being more conscious in terms of biodiversity and carbon emissions. Look for those two key phrases—sustainable and regenerative agriculture—next year.

Fresh on-the-go

Convenience is key, and more products will be available at gas stations and grocery stores that are not only good for the bus, train, car, or on foot, but are healthy and fresh. Whole Foods points out a lot of these foods you’ll see on the go are ones you typically prepare at home but will be able to pick up when you need it while you’re out, like hard-boiled eggs. Here’s to healthier on-the-go options!

Expansive kids’ menus

Gone are the days of chicken fingers, mac and cheese, and hot dogs as the only things on kids’ menus. According to the Whole Foods Marketing team, upgrades are coming—including more adventurous foods that combine some of the previously listed trends like alternative flours (in the form of pasta) and sustainably caught fish.